Biktime - apparel outsourcing to Poland


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Fabric: your touch, your shape, your color.

There are over 1600 ready products at our availability. A simple t-shirt, a blouse, a jacket or professional wear for sport, corporate, safety or gastronomy appliances. We also provide children clothing.

In our range you will also find bags, towels, shoes, caps and underwear which are print/emboss enabled.

Next to our pre-manufactured goods, we offer custom cloth sewing. With more than 15 years on the market, we can deliver high-end goods ready to be sold in stores. This includes material assortment, design, prototyping, editing, labelling and packaging.

All we need is your idea.

Tell us what your vision is. We will pull it from there, whether you have only a concept or finished design mock-ups. No matter whether you are just beginning or in the middle of the project. Before we are clear to go, we will ask you a few questions to figure out what is the end product you are looking for. We hand-pick producers to fit your exact need. Get exactly what you seek – we maintain transparent communication during the process. You are always up to date. Our verified manufacturer portfolio includes multiple kinds of specialized craftsman. Our department in Poland stays in direct contact with the producer to keep you posted.

Your product. Your decision.

We facilitate the whole process. You lead us throughout the production cycle. Decide on the details of your product based on real samples. We make it happen, you design and focus on your sales.

Ready to ship.

Everything arrives in ready-to-ship state. Labels, price tags, wash instructions – all inclusive. Each piece is wrapped aesthetically in a foil bag. Print out shipping labels, assemble the order and you’re done.

Drop shipping? There you go.

Maybe you want to go one step ahead and skip the logistics. Sounds wise. We will cover that. While not every project is suitable for drop shipping due to various reasons. However we will do our best to find the right solution for you.